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There are a variety of ways that other sites have linked to our labour directory. Most webmasters use a text based method. Others use a link through one of our graphics they have copied to their link page. Some sites want to link to our home page. Those with specific requirements link directly to one of our pages that has relevant interest to their site. The choice is up to you!

Below you will find examples of links that web sites provide to link to us. Slide the mouse over the images or coloured text to view the page that is linked.

Examples of links to our HOME page

We're happy to be able to present this collection of Labour related links. A special thanks to xpdnc.com for providing a great deal of information. Visit xpdnc.com for more labour related links around the world.

"XPDNC" For links to other unions & worker's movement.

A mammoth list of unions, political parties, and other groups and resources connected to the labor movement throughout the world.

Extensive Labor Site

Index to Many Union Sites

Labor Links

Labor Web Link

Labour and the internet links by XPDNC

The Most Extensive Labor Link Site on the Web Today.

The Ultimate Site for Labor Links (worldwide)

The leader in Labour links and info sites

This is the most extensive labor link site on the web

This site provides labour resource related WWW links

Union Links (XPDNC) Links to international union sites around the world

Union websites, sorted by nation and state -- the best list on the internet

Unions by location XPDNC

Visit xpdnc.com for more labour related links around the world.

Web Page of The Day: XPDNC Labour Directory

XPDNC An extensive labour link site on the web today. Very comprehensive and interesting links

XPDNC Site pour les liens aux organismes de travail du monde entier.

XPDNC - A Labour Directory

XPDNC - Comprehensive international labour links web site

XPDNC - Expediency provides an exhaustive list of links on the subject of labour law throughout the world. This is an extremely valuable website

XPDNC - Labor Link Site

XPDNC - Labor Links Site

XPDNC - faglig-politisk link-samling

XPDNC Labour Directory (This links hub displays links to help internet users access organized labour resources.)

XPDNC Labour Links Links to Other Labour Websites

internasjonale union linker

The Ultimate Site for Labor Links

Union Resources Web Link (GREAT site)

XPDNC International Labor Links

XPDNC (Expediency) Site for labour links around the world

labour link image labour link image

XPDNC... "most comprehensive human-retrieved labour directory on the web!"

http://www.xpdnc.com (a labour directory)

This is a directory of labour organizations. http://www.xpdnc.com/

XPDNC - Labour related links from around the world

XPDNC Labor Links - Over 5000 labor links and growing.

XPDNC Labour Links

XPDNC They claim to be the most extensive labour link site on the web today. Very comprehensive and interesting links.

XPDNC - Labour directory on the Web

A big database on the web listing links to web spaces resprsenting labour unions world wide.

labor link image labor link image

XPDNC--Labor Directory

XPDNC Large Labor Link Catalog

Examples of links to our LINKS page

XPDNC Labour Links

XPDNC Large labour directory, find links to labour here

XPDNC Labor Links - Over 5,000 links to union related web sites and growing.

XPDNC the most comprehensive human-retrieved labor directory on the web!

XPDNC Suitable Solutions labor union resources page -- a VERY comprehensive set of links to labor related materials

XPDNC - Labour Links

XPDNC - Local, National, and International Unions.

Examples of links to one of our RESOURCE page

Expediency Health & Safety links

English Language Walkerton Links

External Summary of Press Links on Walkerton Outbreak

Labour Links: excellent links on left wing politics in Britain and elsewhere

Labour Research links - excellent

Other Labor Studies Programs

Walkerton Crisis Link Index

XPDNC (Expediency) World-wide H&S Links

Labor Council Links from around the world -(XPDNC)

Health and Safety Links - a large list of resources for on-the-job health and safety.

XPDNC Political Parties Webpage Well-laid out table format of anarchist and trad. leftist Web pages

XPDNC - Political Party Links

XPDNC links to labour activism worldwide.

Other Labor Studies Programs

A new link to another site On the hot links page XPDNC TRADE UNION SUPPORT LINKS.


XPDNC - Trade Union Training Links

Women and Minorities Links, XPDNC Suitable Solutions (http://www.xpdnc.com/links/women.html)

Examples of links to one of our LABOUR pages

A comprehensive list of links to Organized Labour web sites in Canada.

Australian Labour Links

British Columbia Labour Links

CA Labor Links

California Labor Links

Canadian Labour Links Page

Colorado Labor Links

Link to XPNDC (a directory of links to other Saskatchewan labour organizations)

Links to all Union Locals in NY State

Nationwide Worldwide Labour links

New Jersey Labor Links

New Link to Ontario Labour Unions List, (also see links page)

XPDNC - Labour Directory (Canada)


Unions by location XPDNC

Find Branch, Chapter, Local and Regional Union Links in the World, United States, and/or find our site in Nevada.


Index to Many Union Sites


Labor Union Index Site by XPDNC (new )

Labor Links

xpdnc union links

Canadian Labour Links Page


XPDNC - sutiable solutions human-retrieved labour directory

XPDNC National listings of labor union websites

A link to this page and many other union pages in Ohio are located at http://www.xpdnc.com/links/lousoh.html.

LABOR LINKS for New York State

Tennessee Labor Links

XPDNC: Washington Labor Links

labour link image

Washington State's page http://www.xpdnc.com/links/louswa.html

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