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Consumer Goods
CONTENT: Labour organizations and members make purchases of consumables that are specific to their operation.
Products for Labour
CONTENT: A variety of products that can be used for promotions including clothing, merchandise and other gear. Lists of Union-made articles are also highlighted.
Services for Labour
CONTENT: A variety of services that can augment the effectiveness of labour organization's operations are itemized.
Trade Union Software
CONTENT: A growing product / service category that helps bring labour organization office activities into the 21st century.
Web Site Development
CONTENT: Putting your organization's website online can be a tremendous challenge. Keeping your content and style up-to-date can be difficult when you don't have the in-house expertise to do it right. More than a brochure, more than a handout or flyer, your presence on the web can be managed by these Internet professionals.

Corporate Agenda
CONTENT: Small business and multinational alike either grow and prosper or whither and die. With no middle ground to settle on, corporations are constantly changing their agenda to try and keep the money rolling in. Workers get hurt as this unending process unravels at their doorstep.
CONTENT: Keeping watch over corporations helps improve their governance and maintain their ethical integrity.
FTAA and Free Trade
CONTENT: The Free Trade Area of the Americas is scheduled to be a reality by the year 2005. This attempt to unify trade relations between North America, Central America, and South America is not without problems.
G8 Canada Alberta
CONTENT: Information about the G8 Summit in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada in the summer of 2002
Walkerton E. Coli Tragedy
CONTENT: The right-wing corporate agenda accepted responsibility for the poisoning of thousands of people. Initially, municipal water purification workers posted information about the tragedy. Worldwide interest in the fatal impact caused by the intentional under-funding of water treatment operations blossomed and has not yet abated.
Whistleblower Support
CONTENT: Whistleblowers and critical thinkers help to maintain the balance between corporate actions and the public interest.
WTO Protests 1999 & 2000
CONTENT: The Anti World Trade Organization Protests were supported by organized labour and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO).

Media Outreach
CONTENT: Organized labour continues to use all the traditional media channels to get their message into the public domain.
CONTENT: Jokes, cartoons, and satire are used to raise awareness to current workplace problems.
Labour Arts
CONTENT: Creative expressions through photography, film and sculpture are presented in galleries and heritage centres.
Labour Day
CONTENT: Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September each year. This North American based vacation day is marked with parades, marches, public speaking, picnics and all other kinds of festive events.
Labour Media
CONTENT: Books, magazines, radio broadcasts, television programming, are produced and distributed to reach millions of organized labour information consumers.
Labour News       5 Sub-Categories
CONTENT: Any typical mainstream media outlet covers only a tiny fraction of the labour news generated worldwide. 24 hour-a-day labour news services carry the up-to-the-minute stories. Many other news sources provide content of interest to their own particular constituencies.

  • News of General Labour Interest
    CONTENT: Regional labour organizations present labour news that is relevant to their local members. Patterns and trends that affect labour activities are analyzed and discussed on a regular basis. Resources to help editors publish a more readable newsletter are available also.

  • News from Particular Labour Organizations
    CONTENT: International and national labour organization present recent labour news that is relevant to their millions of members. Labour news of interest to workers employed within one broad economic sector or another draw many readers.

  • Miscellaneous News Resources
    CONTENT: News about the relationship between labour and other public arenas like politics and human rights are prepared by independent media sources.

  • Progressive News Resources
    CONTENT: News and views of social change are presented by alternative media sources.

  • News for Specific Trades, Occupations and Vocations
    CONTENT: Many workers prefer to read about their type of work and its relationship with politics and the economy.

May Day
CONTENT: Around the world, May Day is celebrated on the first day of May each year. This annual event pays tribute to the contributions made by all workers. A joyous sense of accomplishment pervade the parades, picnics, games and other festive happenings during this international day of Solidarity.
CONTENT: Song writers, musicians, singers and other entertainers have long been associated with the labour movement. These performers are available to appear at live presentations or through several pre-recorded formats.

Online Labour
CONTENT: A variety of individuals and groups provide access labour related materials through their website. Many of these resources are presented by labour organizations, however the bulk of them are offered by ad hoc committees, and Special Interest Groups (SIG's) that focus on the inter-relationships between labour and their particular issues.
GLBT Labour Resources
CONTENT: GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) also LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) groups emphasize Pride themed content.
Labour and the Internet
CONTENT: Labour organizations are taking up the role of e-advocates utilizing the e-collective formats. To promote fuller use of the Internet and computers within a labour context, empowering initiatives are analyzed, discussed and adopted. The central theme revolves around use of the technology.
Labour Information Source
CONTENT: Some labour information providers present general materials and the others offer specialized and detailed content.
Labour Nets and Webs
CONTENT: Numerous online site names are formed by the words labour, union, net, web, resource and their variants with other cyber-sounding text. Many of the similar named sites affiliate with one another worldwide.
Online Communities
CONTENT: Their efforts bring like-minded people together for online discussions and information exchange. Some organizations gather information from online users through surveys. Others attempt to pick-up new ideas and concepts by offering online discussion forums.
Related Labour Directories
CONTENT: A collection of other sites that also offer online labour themed links.
Retiree Community Links
CONTENT: Retirees have adopted the online community model to organize support groups. Clubhouses, social clubs and retiree chapters are online using the most up-to-date chat technology. Bricks and mortar outfits that service and support retirees have a web presence also.

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