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001 Canada BC Burnaby CEP Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union Joy Langan Retirement Tribute Group A woman who has blazed many trails and has achieved many milestones in her career, is retiring.
002 Canada ON Kingston
Free Bob Lovelace - Bob Lovelace is a Queen's Professor and a Professor at Fleming College. On Feb 15, 2008, Bob Lovelace was given six months in prison and fined $25 000 for contempt of court. Bob Lovelace was punished for "failing to acknowledge" that the Crown has the ability to supersede Algonquin law.
003 Canada ON Toronto
Help Save Anna Leibenko's Life Fundraiser On August 17, 2012, Anna accidentally slipped from a catamaran and hit her head on the ledge and fell into the ocean. She went uncouncious instantly. Please help with the massive costs of treatment in Europe and transportation by Air Ambulance from Croatia to Toronto.
004 Canada ON Welland
Support & Encouragement for Peter Kormos Peter Kormos MPP for our area has been diagnosed with Bells Palsy. Please send words of encouragement & support to him.
005 England Greater London London
Free the Blackadder One! Canadian union organiser Derek Blackadder got booted from Facebook recently for trying to add too many friends. He's a union organiser ferchrissakes - it's his job to add as many friends as possible!
006 US MI Detroit UAW United Auto Workers Ron Gettelfinger Fan Club He's the President of the United Auto-Worker's Union.
007 US MI Warren
I Support Alex Wassell and Worker's Rights Brother Alex Wassell has been unjustly suspended without pay for exercising his right to grieve his working conditions Brother Alex Wassell was PROTESTING the AWS Schedules (Alternative Work Schedule) at Chrysler Warren Stamping
008 US RI Providence
Fans of the 1st Amendment - Support Alexandra Svoboda, Providence IWW member Alex Svoboda was brutally assaulted by police officers during a peaceful protest of the illegal labor practices of a food vendor. During her take-down, Alex's knee was dislocated, her fibula broken and an artery lanced in her foot. Show your support for Alex!
009 US RI Providence
Local 799 Fire Department
I created this group in memeory of my daddy, Michael J Day who died June 13, 2006 in the line of duty.

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