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001 Canada BC Vancouver CUPE Canadian Union of Public Employees CUPE Local 15 90th Birthday Local 15 Honouring the history of our Local's activism representing members in 18 different bargaining units.Friday, November 21, 2008
002 Canada ON Hamilton WAHC Workers Arts & Heritage Centre One & only National cultural organization dedicated to preserving workers' history and culture.
Historical and contemporary exhibits explore contributions of working people. National Heritage Site, former Custom House (1860).
003 Canada ON Toronto
US government owes Joe Hill an apology

004 England Greater London London
Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival The annual festival reflects the spirit of those prepared to stand up and be counted
The festival is also for t hose just learning about the history it is a joyful celebration of our solidarity.
005 England Greater London London LHG Labour History Group

A forum for the discussion and debate of issues and personalities in Labour history, we organise regular member events.
006 England Merseyside Liverpool
Trade Union History Group

A group dedicated to those with an interest in Trade Union and Labour History
007 US CO Denver
Labor History

Discussion of labor history, union and non-union. Some consideration of how it all relates to the present.
008 US MN Minneapolis / St. Paul
Samuel Gompers Day! Samuel Gompers Day is June 13. It celebrates the life of Samuel Gompers.
Sam is history's greatest, and yet most overlooked, English-American, Jewish cigar-maker-turned-anti-socialist-labor-union-leader.
009 US NY Rhinebeck
The Official Samuel Gompers Fan Club The name says it all.
Fighting for Labor rights since 1881

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