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001 Australia NSW Sydney
Earth Hour
On 29 March 2008, millions of people in some of the world's biggest cities will unite and switch off for one hour - Earth Hour -
002 Canada AB Edmonton
GREENPEACE Alberta: Volunteers Individuals wanting to volunteer with Greenpeace to help stop one of the world's deadliest projects - the Alberta Tar Sands Greenpeace exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.
003 Canada BC Vancouver
Stop the Gateway to Global Warming! We Want the Livable Region Plan! The B.C. "Gateway Program" may well be the most harmful transportation infrastructure plan in the history of our province if not our country.
004 Canada BC Vancouver
The Berry Mob Mob Synergy for Optimal Energy A bunch of Canadian Engineers that give you the unbiased, well-researched information about every day sustainability issues.
005 Canada BC Victoria
Guy Dauncey's EarthFuture.com
About upcoming events and initiaves planned by award-winning author and activist Guy Dauncey.
006 Canada ON London
Earth Hour Revolution - The First Day Of Every Month Earth Hour wasn't sufficient. A lot of people forgot about Earth Hour proving that 1 hour a year isn't enough, but with repetition we can make a real difference
007 Canada ON Toronto
Climate Catastrophe and Social Justice: Action and Analysis Climate change conference at the University of Toronto for students To help build a youth-oriented climate change movement in Canada, culminating in Climate Camp 2009
008 Canada ON Toronto
Free showing of film Out of Balance: Exxon Mobil's Impact On Climate Change This exposee of the world's largest corporation and still a major funder of climate change denial. Should be of interest to anyone concerned with the fate of life on Earth.
009 Canada ON Toronto
Global Rally to Stop Global Warming On Sunday December 7, 2008, join people across the country and take to the streets to support the global day of action to stop global warming. Join the rally!
010 Canada ON Toronto
Global Rally to Stop Global Warming On Sunday December 7, 2008, join people across the country and take to the streets to support the global day of action to stop global warming. Join the rally! Without a groundswell of public opinion we risk a global catastrophe.
011 Canada ON Toronto
Green Shift
A project, funded by a fair trade business structure, to help Shift the economy to a dark shade of green.
012 Canada ON Toronto
Ontario's Green Future Be part of the campaign for a green energy future We are promoting a vision of Ontario that includes a 100% renewable electricity grid by 2027
013 Canada ON Toronto
Pollution Probe Clean Air. Clean Water. Dedicated to achieving positive and tangible environmental change.
014 Canada ON Toronto
Post Carbon Toronto
A group working together to envision and transition Toronto and its bioregion into sustainable, low energy communities.
015 Canada ON Toronto
Resistance to Canadian Gold Mining in Latin America
For the community based resistance to Canadian gold mining from indigenous / First Nation / aborignal and campensino populations
016 Canada ON Toronto
Stop G.E.'s Uranium Factory in West End Toronto GE Hitachi has a Uranium processing factory at Lansdowne & Dupont We are very concerned
017 Canada ON Toronto
Stop the Plant!
A group concerned with the Ontario government' s decision to build a power plant in the Portlands, next to Tommy Thompson Park.
018 Canada ON Toronto
What's with the law that makes carpooling illegal in Ontario?!
Carpooling in Ontario, or at least promotion of it could be banned, since it competes with a private, foreign-owned, bus company.
019 Canada ON Toronto TEA Toronto Environmental Alliance
TEA campaigns locally to find solutions to Toronto's urban environmental problems.
020 Kenya
Nairobi GBM Green Belt Movement One of the most prominent women's civil society organizations An environmental organisation with a focus on community mobilization & empowerment for improvement of livelihoods in rural areas.
021 US CA San Diego
Alternative Energy Ideas Lets put our free creative energy toward free clean energy. This group explores all alternative energy technologies and their role in improving the welfare of humanity.
022 US DC Washington
Power Shift 2009 The second national youth summit to solve the climate crisis. Join 10,000 other young to demand bold, comprehensive and immediate federal climate action from our new Congress and President.
023 US DC Washington FOE Friends of the Earth Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, No More Dirty Tar Sands Oil We are fighting Big Oil's new pipeline plan, the Keystone XL, which would pump more dirty tar sands oil into the U.S.
024 US GA Rome
Earth Hour 2009 Do your part to limit your carbon emissions for this one hour out of the year, also help get the word out. Invite your facebook friends to this event. On March 28, 2009 turn off your lights from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
025 US WA Friday Harbor
Sea Shepherd International When picket signs aren't enough... To end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.
026 US WI Madison
Hey Monsanto, Knock Off All That Evil! In reality, Monsanto is playing God Monsanto allters lifeforms to make them more profitable, with no regard for human welfare or that of our plant or animal neighbors

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