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001 Belgium
Worldwide Brussels WDDW World Day for Decent Work On October 7 2008 the trade union movement is organising a World Day for Decent Work. An unparalleled opportunity for trade unions and organisations interested in Decent Work to join a broad global mobilisation.
002 Canada BC
Vancouver CUPE Canadian Union of Public Employees CUPE Political Action Conference Attendees 2008 Discussion Group and Contacts for the attendees of the CUPE Political Action Conference 2008
003 Canada BC
Vancouver NU Next Up A leadership program for young people committed to social and environmental justice To build and support a network of young social change leaders across Western Canada.
004 Canada ON
Labour Brats
Our goal is help foster on-line solidarity for brats of all ages interested in unions and social justice.
005 Canada SK
labour union activism
trade union activists joining together to collectively defend and promote the rights of working people
006 Canada SK
Rise Up, Resist, Rebel We currently have a right wing government in Saskatchewan that has launched an all out attack on labour.
007 England Greater London Worldwide London LTUPA Labour and Trade Union Progressive Activists Labour party activists and trade unionists from the centre and left Working together to improve the labour party and make it more democractic and accountable to its members.
008 England Greater London
London TULO Trade Union and Labour Party Liaison Organisation Unions Together Represents the 16 trade unions that affiliate to the Labour Party
009 England GTM
Labour Grassroots Activists for County and European Elections
Comrades we need to get our act in gear. The elections are nearly upon us and we need to get out there campaigning
010 England GTM
Unite left - Amicus Unity Gazette & TGWU broad left working together
An informal group of left and centre-left activists in both sections of unite.
011 South Africa

Durban SATAWU South African Transport and Allied Workers Union Hats off to SATAWU - Saluting the dockworkers for refusing to offload the shipment of weapons destined for the ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe Thanks also for mobilising members in other Af rican states to do the same.
012 Switzerland

ILO Staff Union Activist Network - Reseau des Militants du Syndicat OIT
An informal network of ILO staff members interested in discussing, debating and taking action on issues of importance to ILO staff
013 US MA Nationwide Boston
A New Way Forward The only nationally-coordinated grassroots protest against the bank bailouts since the meltdown
014 US NY
New York
Avaaz The World in Action Join with people around the world in taking action on pressing global issues.
015 US NY
New York
Jenna Pope An activist armed with a camera. Fighting for justice, one photo at a time. Fighting for social and economic justice
016 US NY
New York
YDA Labor Caucus
Young Democrats who are or were members of a union or those with immediate family in a union or simply are just friends of labor.
017 US PA Canada and the US Pittsburgh USW United Steelworkers United Steelworkers Activist Corps A collective of rank and file activists committed to the continuous coordination & implementation of strategic grassroots actions.
018 US TX Worldwide Austin
Lisa Fithian Lisa Fithian uses a wide range of strategies and tactics and encouraged nonviolent direct action as one of the most effective strategies for change. Working for nonviolent social change since the mid 1970's

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