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CONTENT: After a four hundred year stopover, the capitalists are leaving North America, but for where? The hollowing out of the American economy continues at a fevered pitch while the moneyed scouting parties set up frontier base camps. Will the first nations peoples of the Orient, the Middle East, South America, or Africa have to fend off waves of wars like those that followed Columbus?

Cheap labour lures capital like a moth drawn to a lantern's flame. Then as the fuel runs low and the flickering increases, the flighty seek out brighter lights on distant horizons.

Powerful alliances and blocs are now in place to regulate the corrupting influences of the stampeding cash. Systems for redistributing wealth can no longer be avoided this time. European Organisation of Military Associations (EUROMIL), the 500,000+ member 'Citizen in Uniform' group, essentially Europe's military labour union, precludes any European aggressive posturing or occupation offensive. The U.N. builds on its sixty year record of preventing mass extermination. Tremendous forces are being brought to bear on the plutocrats and their claims of wealth ownership. Where will all the money go? The 21st century belongs to whom?

Workers step up and have their say. These voices cry - No To War!

Charity, Donation, Sponsorship
CONTENT: People join together to help themselves and to help others. By identifying a favourite cause or concern, organizations can ask their members to show their enthusiasm and participate in getting the public to support the needy. For example, firefighters naturally raise funds for burn treatment centres. Fundraising, charitable galas and events are held year after year by those concerned with the good and welfare of their community.
SARS Economic Recovery
CONTENT: Officially, SARS was recognized by several countries in 2003. The travel, tourism, hospitality and entertainment sectors of their economies sagged and in some cases collapsed. Workers were financially devastated by that serious downturn and some will never get back to their earlier productive levels since they no longer work in those fields. Until SARS was declared under control, links to various economic recovery efforts were posted.
Support Our Troops
CONTENT: The greatest percentage of U.S. worker unionization followed WW II as the rank and file came to realize the strength of their collective power. They learned to stand united and defeat their common oppressor. Once again, a huge part of a generation has been sidelined from the domestic workforce. Efforts to avoid the servicemembers from becoming organized are widespread. However the typical motivators leading eventually to military unionization are systemic, so the U.S. soldier's union is inevitable. A majority of servicemembers will soon understand the force, value, obligations and responsibilities of their employment contract. Should their participation in the U.S. war continue much longer, their short battle for collective bargaining rights will immediately win them their first collective agreement. Hostilities of the military kind will then cease soon afterward. Organizing the servicemembers is truly the fastest route to peace!
Suggested Reading
CONTENT: Magnificent writings concerning the world of work abound! It's hard just to keep up with what's out there, let alone impossible to read them all cover to cover. This group of books covers just a few of the areas that concern workers today.
CONTENT: From time to time a link suggestion is sent in that can't yet be catalogued. Eventually, similar links arrive and a grouping pattern emerges. The links are then posted to a newly named category. Meantime, the unsorted links are posted here.

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