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About XPDNC Labour Directory Links

This links hub displays links to help internet users access organized labour resources. As we develop this site, you will see it evolve from a simple informational brand site to a full-blown brand portal. Meanwhile, free free to look around.

Browser Notes 

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Selecting links: To link to a site from an XPDNC link listing, click on the number of the link on the far left column. A new browser window will open, and the selected site will be displayed there.

Returning to links: To return to the XPDNC link listing window, click on its icon at the bottom of the screen in the system tray. This will present the minimized window.

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Multiple browser windows: Once you have selected several sites from the XPDNC link listing, you will be able to contrast and compare these different sites by switching between them. This is an excellent way to decide which site has the most to offer.

Frequent users of these links pages should consider saving a copy of their favorite pages to their own machine. This will significantly reduce the access time for some of the larger pages that contain many links.

Geographic Sort Order 

The primary audience for these links are those surfers looking to join a union. We've found that new members and their potential bargaining unit companions need to know what the unions in their location can do for them. By presenting the links in a geographical sort order, we feel that these members-to-be will more likely link to union sites in their own vicinity that provide the representation services they require.

For other users, the geographical sort order can assist them in locating labour resources in their own neighbourhood. Furthermore, travelling activists can determine which resource is available at their next destination. Local unions, wanting to create a site or redesign their existing site might also like to have a look at the sites of other unions to get a feel for this ever-changing media.

Member Pages 

Member pages are also included among the listings. Please contact them through their page. They can provide you with tips and insights into the union movement in your vicinity. Further, they can also direct you to a union that's suitable for your workplace. These 'unofficial' sites offer a less formal communication connection.

Regional Representation 

The union links include a column identifying the region in which the organization operates. Sometimes the actual location of their main office is not included in the city column. Its a good idea to look at the bottom of the page, where this type of link listing will be found. Here you can find these regional union offices that you would otherwise miss if just looking at the cities of interest.

Automate Your Union 

XPDNC Dues 2.0 is an MS-DOS based union dues software. The application was developed for trade unions that have a broad sectoral range of bargaining units. The variety of dues reporting methods from such a mixed bag of employers renders manual dues processing an error prone activity at best, and guesswork in the worst case. Locals with over a hundred bargaining units face the toughest challenge as they grow larger the fastest. We feel this software provides the most suitable solution to the complicated dues processing problems of these unions.

This powerful application does not appeal to all local unions however. Lots of unions out there need a more lightweight application, while other are looking for software that's a step or two beyond word-processing to solve their paper based problem. Many need a suite of applications to help with non-financial type problems. Some just don't like MS-DOS programs.

Because we feel so strongly that local unions should automate their activities like business has done already, we also present a links page for a variety of union software. If your office has not yet integrated union specific software that can virtually automate many, typical office activities you should seriously consider doing so in the very, near future! There are great benefits to your staff, members and new initiates in taking this big step.